il nostro pianeta merita la nostra attenzione

Aroma Riserva® constantly pays attention to our way of production, packaging, transport and much more in regarding to the environment. Not only do we request the outmost from our suppliers and partners, we also implement new procedures all the time in order to be proud of what we produce and how we do it.

Aroma Riserva® is a brand that is changing rapidly. We are growing, launching new products, and constantly seeking to optimise and rationalise our business. This continuous development means that our impact on the surrounding world is also changing constantly. Therefore it is good to know that Aroma Riserva has a sound foundation to build on when it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

One of the highlights of this year is an improved sustainability in our young plant production. We have chosen for a new type of paper for our paper plugs. Aroma Riserva® has become among the few and first in Europe to implement this paper in our daily production. By making this decision we will reduce 100% the need for chemical glue on the paper, and make the air better for our employees in the production facility.

This European developed paper from PlantPaper® is 100% natural and eco-friendly. It is 100% bio-based, sustainable, fully degradable (no contamination when degrading), no fungicide in the material and contains no glue or fossil oil-based plastics.

Furthermore, we have seen a major difference for the good in the roots. A difference so big that our plants have become more healthy and strong, but also growing more rapidly in our natural environment.

Since Aroma Riserva® is our main, and pioneer, brand, we have chosen to use the same paper for all our lines of herbs. The positive difference was simply to big to neglect for the rest of our production.

During the next year, we will continue our work to further improve our tools and routines for responsible purchasing. As part of our environmental strategy, we will be working closely with our partners to set new standards for sustainable herb production. We will also continue to focus on health issues, inspiring consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle that improves their well-being.

We interpret this to mean that our corporate social responsibility strategy is recognised and ensures our credibility in the market. These positive signals give us new energy to continue to work hard to become an even more sustainable company. You are welcome to join our journey